Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stocking Pals Exchange Part II

The photo of the fish and chips is from our lunch out in Dunedin on Friday. I love the little holder for the meal and our waiter was a wonder. Bon Appitite has the best fries and French Onion soup. And dear Barb discovered the wonders of Petroli in her margarita! Too funny.

We exchanged gifts after the Stroll through Tarpon Springs 'downtown' and our light tour around Spring Bayou. We ate tons of great food that everyone had brought and I need a bunch of recipes now for E (Kip's pork, G-a's baked brie, Barb's turtles, Mary Mary's wonderful onion goodies, the scalloped potatoes and ham (omg...so good) that Linda brought and on and on and on...). And, if you think we had tons to eat, you should have seen the stacks and stacks of presents to and from each other. Amazing grace and generosity. I don't think there was any single unhappy camper amongst the group!

Kip, G-a, Barb, Jill and I got moving and shaking the next morning, heading out to the Christmas Store in Clearwater. G-a bought some lovely lights for her tree for next year and her hubby's gift for this year. Barb fell in love with the Dept. 56 Dickens Village and Kip entertained me on the bench while we waited for the others to check out. We swapped bathroom adventure stories...don't ask!

Home for lunch with another great one by E and then we moved on to Ruban Rouge. Barb and G-a left for Ft. Myers from there. Here is a pic of them packing up the SUV...they should have brought the trailer! lol

Not much on my agenda for today: address Christmas cards and move that laundry along. HOpe to scrap some things with the Jan. KnK kit either today or tomorrow! Have a great day all.


altar ego said...

As I mentioned on Kip's blog, this time you all exceeded the legal limit for having fun (without the rest of us). The pictures speak for themselves. Truly a wonderful weekend. I know what that feels like because that is what it is like whenever I am with you.
Miss you!

LIZZEE said...

Omg. how fun....
Lunch looks divine
Merry Xmas