Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Epiphany Celebration

was yesterday and boy! were there tons of people. The city had been anticipating a decrease in attendance because it fell on a week day and because of the economy but it looked to me about the same as last year. It took the boys a bit longer this year to locate the cross but one young man was victorious. We had fully intended to attend the Glendi (the festival) after the diving by the young men, but the location was switched from outdoors at Craig Park that abuts Spring Bayou to the Greek Community Center and there was a 2.00 admit fee. Now, we certainly could afford the admit fee but, on such a lovely day and, with hundreds and hundreds of people, I'd prefer not to be confined. We had lunch at Snookers, chatted with some visitors from Boston and returned home to take down tree limbs in preparation for the whole tree on the side yard to come down.

The tree has grown too tall and is blocking the solar panels on the roof, our source of warmer water for our pool. We have decided we'd prefer a lemon or a lime tree or both in this messy tree's place.

Happy Birthday to my son, Rob, who turned 37 at 2:24 this morning. He'll be over for his birthday meal tomorrow and we are attending a b'day party for him Sat.

Hope your day is a good one!

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Michele L from Tampa said...

i had a feeling you went. wish I was there. maybe next year!