Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Might as well be spring

Besides the tropical weather, the second most favorite reason I love living in Florida is the constant color in my garden and around our town. Something is always in bloom. Yesterday, I took my book and went to the lower lawn to sit and read. It was almost impossible to concentrate: my camillias are bursting out all over, I have a few rose buds ready to open, my ground orchids and lilies are brilliant and my geraniums' color has never been prettier.

Today is one of our little town's biggest celebrations: The Epiphany. The Greek community here really goes all out. E and I are heading down to Spring Bayou to watch the Arch Bishop throw the gold cross into the water and the young men dive for it. After wards is a big festival and, while we missed it last year, there is a Greek salad and a gyro with my name on them for sure. I love to watch the dancing and the music is infectious.

Enjoy your day!


altar ego said...

Happy feast of the Epiphany! We really ought to be doing at something at church today since this is our feast day, but I just didn't have the right kind of time to make that plan.

In the meantime, lucky you to have such glorious blooms in your garden! I am certainly jealous as I look out my window to gray skies, rain, leafless trees, brown lawn, and no color anywhere except for the stray Christmas light still up (that would be us! LOL!).

Hope you enjoy your day, and I envy the time to sit in the garden and read. sigh...

Mae said...

Your flowers are beautiful!

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Gorgeous! It almost makes me wish it was spring here! I bought a ton of hydrangeas last year, but I didn't get them planted. I fear after this winter they'll be lost! :(