Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

We headed up a bit late but got there none the less. Poor Suzie had to work an hour later than usual as her replacement never showed up. Dunedin was mobbed and something is up with my camera. I had to take my big Sony as the little one drowned as you may remember. Some how the settings on my big one got offset and these are the two best shots I got...lots of people's heads. We could only see the tops of the floats and this is a short parade. Caught my share of beads and was given a set of the coveted pig beads from the Ozona Pig (one of the best bbq places around)! Had a lot of laughs, some great food and never met up with Rob despite a couple of "I can't hear you" phone calls back and forth. And, we lost one of our group, Bob, entirely. Suzie and Justin helped us find a couple of new places to visit in Dunedin so will go back for sure.

Lots to get done over the next week and a half. We have my aunt and uncle visiting this Friday and Sat. and there is the Scrap All Day in Your Jammies crop going on at Knk on Sat. the 28th. My tech goes up there on the first of March and my second set of reveals on either the 3rd. or 4th. Jill arrives in town on Thurs and so do Barb and G-a and our cruise leaves on Sat. Jill's husband surprised us with rooms downtown near the docks for Thurs and Friday and we're making plans to meet up with Val, her daughter and Jayne on Friday night. I may just recline on the deck for the cruise and catch my breath! lol

Off and running. My "To Do" list is haunting me.

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Mary said...

you'll have to take us to "the Pig." dh and I love a good bbq!