Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Did someone say cold?

Just wanted to show you how we dressed for Winter Retreat...fashion plates, every one of us! lol. G-a and I both hit the floor running on Sat. as we both had classes to teach. We decided to arrange our little cabin and set up our classroom (her class was after mine) in there. I foraged for wood and with the help of the wonderful Mr. Don (aka Zutter Man) got a fire blazing. Later, Ginni helped me locate and bring back some really good sized logs so we kept the fire burning into the wee hours of the morning. My mama did not raise a dummy...this is my blow up mattress right in front of the fireplace in our cabin. Let the rest have the beds...I'll take warmth every time. The picture of the gal with the rolls is our dear Miss Cathy who not only helps Linda cook for all of us but also had a major part in designing the darling cabin album we were all given to work with. Kip and I got a bit carried away and added all sorts of goodies to ours that we found in the miniature doll house section of Hobby Lobby...I am still working on my shingles for the roof! Will post later. And the last picture is of Michele's car. Kip got very ill with a migraine and Michele offered to tote her and her belongings home so she would get there ASAP as we were going to drop Jill at the airport first. The entire back of Michele's mini van is nothing but Kip's stuff...none of us travel light!

More tomorrow! Love to all. Good thoughts for E would be appreciated. We check him into the hospital later today for some tests and monitoring of a change of heart meds. The hospital is about 5 min. from the house. And yes, I do have Pizza Hut on speed dial.

P.S. no clue where the pic of Cathy went...will post it tomorrow...E wants me to get busy scanning our tax stuff and sending it off.


Mae said...

So gld you gals didn't suffer hypothermia!

Thoughts and prayers for E! Hope his stay in the hospital is short and the fix for what is ailing him comes quickly.


W.O.T.E. said...

(sound of teeth chattering)
I'm cold just looking at these photos! Brrr!