Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Last post about Winter Retreat (well, maybe)

Since I am never sure what wild hair blogger will have in ordering my pictures, here is a brief summary: two dear pics taken from a distance (gotta love my zoom lens). They are protected in this park and not terribly afraid of people. This batch of 5 or 6 had a routine morning and early evening and it was fun to catch them with the camera; one man and dog (that is the famous Mr. Zutter aka Don White who was our fire builder extraordinaire!); One pixie with a bag of donuts surrounded by suitcases and assorted crop crap. This is our beloved Miss Elle who is right hand gal to our beloved Miss Linda, owner of Hilltop Memories. When the tire blew on G-a's trailer, Linda and Elle came to the rescue offering reassurances and a ride to the airport for our pal, Jill. This is how Miss Elle rode to the airport! And then she went home, got her wonderful hubby, Bob, and came back to help us with G-a's trailer. WOW! And one group shot of the four survivors of our cabin...I'm going to have to photo shop Kip in. Due to her migraine, she had left earlier with Michele who gave her a direct ride to her house. Get better fast, Kipper.

No phone calls from the hospital so all is well there. Hopefully E will be moved to a real room in the heart wing later today. I'll know more when I get up to the hospital around ten. I'll call in a bit for an update but the nurse told me that no news from them would mean good news for E.

My second reveal at KnK goes up this Friday and I'll post the last two layouts and the card I did here as well as there. I'll also post the photo transfer tags I made on my altered blog with directions on how to do this technique so watch both blogs for update on E and on what I created at the Winter Retreat.

All the good thoughts and prayers for E have been greatly appreciated.


Teri said...

Hope E is doing well! Lots of hugs to you both!

Mae said...

Good to hear that E is doing well. Continued prayers and good thoughts.


Mary said...

Let me know if you need me to come feed the kitties or anything. You know I'm not that far away. Good thoughts going out to you.