Friday, February 06, 2009

He's home

The new dosage of the med worked and no pace maker for now. E has to behave and take the meds as prescribed and follow the dr.s orders. Lots of drugs can react to this new one in a not so happy way so E needs to check the lists carefully and carry a special alert card on him. But he is home and right where he belongs and is the happiest...his kitchen!

Also, the mystery of the water filled purse has been solved. When I use public restrooms, like the one at the hospital, I never put my purse on the floor. In this case, as the bathroom was a for one person, I put my purse in the sink which just happened to be one of those no hands ones. I put the purse in front of the motion detector, the purse filled with h20 and when I picked it up to wash my hands, the water stopped. Mystery solved and new resolution made...put purse any where but the sink.

Thanks to all who offered good thoughts and prayers. They have been received with many thanks.


Kip said...

Don't you remember me telling you that exact thing happened to me one time, at the airport bathroom!!! So glad E is home!

Janet M said...

I'm so glad to see thats he's home and didn't have to have the pace maker done. Tak it easy for a while Gene!
Hugs, Janet and Bob

:Jayne said...

Yay!! He's home! I'm glad to hear that! Take good care of him.

Robin said...

Holy cow how did I miss this!! I am so sorry! I am glad he is home! i will continue my thoughts and good prayers!


Mae said...

Yes, E certainly looks at home and happy in the kitchen, stirring a pot. So glad things turned out so well for him.

The purse story---hilarious! Of course, I'm sure it wasn't so funny to you.