Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moonlight maddness

There are so many theories about the affects of a full moon on people...some fact, some myth...but, as for me, I believe! This week has been a crazy one with far too much going on. I have had trouble staying asleep as the moon light wakes me up way too early and I've been having the strangest dreams. Now that could be blamed, in part, on my bed time snack of salsa and chips but again...I prefer to blame it on the full moon.

What a handy excuse it provides us for kicking up our heels and being wild beings for a short bit of time. Enjoy the respite from the mundane and routine in our lives and join me in some Moonlight madness.

I'll give a Blog Prize to the one who posts the most imaginative use of the full moon as an excuse or what fun thing you have elected to do in the name of moonlight madness. I'll get a neutral party to judge. You've got one week to post it here.



ms.cheryl said...

It's true what they say about the full brings out the strangest behaviors in people. I'm a nurse and this is when you see real wierd people admitted to the hospital. OR if the admitted person is not strange you can bet the farm that thier familiy has an extra special wierdo in it.
To prepare for this i like to have my special quiet time by moonlight. I get up around 5am and don't turn on any lights until its time to put on makeup. i soak in the tub by moonlight and it is soothing and calming, such a peaceful way to start the day.
I look forward to the moonlight on those nights when the moon is full.It's such a treat. ms.cheryl

Cheryl said...

This isn't about the moonlight but to congrat you on being a Scrap Scene star....again! Nice work. Did you seal the yard item?

ms.cheryl said...

MAN,i hate there wasn't a good response to this giveaway.I thought it was an interesting thought exercise.
CONGRATULATIONS TO ME for participating and winning. I can't wait to see what goodies you send my way.