Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Playing with canvas

I have been following Scrap Scene's forecasts for trends in paper arts. I am so glad to see canvas and canvas papers coming more and more into use. I discovered how versatile canvas was about three years ago when I was experimenting with printing photos on mediums other than matte and glossy paper. I was working on a circle album of our trip to Italy and the glossy papers didn't capture the richness of the colors and the matte didn't have the texture I wanted so I went roaming through the art aisle at the local craft and art stores. By trial and error, I discovered a couple of papers that worked wonderfully. They also held color when I wanted to add either more to a black and white photo or when I wanted to enhance a color photo.

I found that the 136lb. Canva-Paper by Canson to be my favorite. The texture is wonderful and the printed photos don't take as long to dry as some of the thicker, more absorbent ones. I do use an acrylic sealer on the photo after I have color enhanced it and handle it with care until I can seal it.

My other favorite paper is one by June Tailor. I had been using an adhesive backed one by another company but found that June Tailor's adhesive backed canvas went through the printer smoother and held better. put The iron-on material ones are awesome too by June Tailor and the ones I get from Close to My Heart. Pam Bennett from KnK and ACOT design teams, turned me on to June Tailor and I order my others from Michele Lunn (link on the left) here in the Tampa area.

The paints I have found to give the best color are Lyra Aquacolor (made in Germany), Pearlescent Watercolors by Yasutomo, Lumieres, Krylon ink, and Dr. Ph Martin's Iridescent Calligraphy inks and now a new one, Prang Metallic Brush Pens. I've also painted on Stickles to give a photo a light coating of sparkle.

Since the canvases are on sale this week at my craft store, I think I may just look for some odd shaped ones, download some vintage images and play. Care to join me?


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I have had some luck finding some different sized and shaped canvases at Big Lots lately. You might try them and they are CHEAP.