Monday, February 09, 2009

A walk in the park...

Kristen and I have taken to walking at least once a month and then having a leisurely breakfast together after our walk. We are probably undoing any good we have done during our walk, but this gives us a chance to get caught up with each other's lives.

When she called yesterday, she suggested Clearwater Beach again but I opted for some place new so we walked the cause way to Honeymoon Island. Of course, she walked father and faster than I did but I loitered along the way taking pictures of things that caught my fancy.

After our walk, we drove to Lucky Dill nearer our houses and had the yummy goodies you see. I am not much of a sweets in the morning person so I opted for the corn beef hash which was covered in pastrami and two eggs over easy with a side of home fries. My sweet toothed daughter had the Strawberry Blintzes and loved them.

I did manage to get a shot of her but she did her usual thing when I tried to take a pic of her and scowled. We talked about being in the moment as opposed to capturing the moment each agreeing the other had a valid point but no agreement was reached about her smiling for the! lol.

We called E after breakfast and he met us at the Dill. We all headed out to a couple of garden places to replace some of the frost bitten plants and had a wonderful family day!


Mae said...

Soundns like a great time spent with Kristin.

altar ego said...

I want to have what you're having. Yummy looking! Glad you had such a nice time with Kristin.