Wednesday, March 04, 2009

All packed and ready to go

I did a count as I packed my things today and ended up one outfit short...looked for a while Friday might be clothing optional. lol I did manage to pull one more outfit from my closet so the preparty (thanks to Jill's hubby) at the hotel is a go. Our cruise leaves out of Tampa Port on Sat.

Tomorrow Gerri-anne and Barb will drive up from Ft. Myers, get their hair cut and meet up with Jill and I . We pick Jill up from the airport and, after we transfer bags to G-a's car, we head to Hard Rock for a go at the slots and then on to our hotel.

We're meeting up with Jayne, Val, Val's dd and some other of our gal pals Friday after the hockey game which, if i can stay up that late, will be great fun!

Hair trim and pedicure on the agenda for me early tomorrow morning. All I have left to do here is clean up the work room and, early tomorrow am., post my reveal at KnK

Thinking we'll have internet at the hotel and, if we do, I'll post pics and updates if you are interested.

Miss me a little! and have a good one!

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LIZZEE said...

Have fun can't wait to see the fun
pics be safe