Friday, March 06, 2009

Thursday Pre party

Gene and I picked up Jill at the airport around 3 pm and we headed up Tarpon Springs way to meet up with Gerri-anne and Barb who were getting all prettied up at my hair dressers. From there we headed out for some food and went to Jill and G-a's true love, the casino. As you can tell from Barb and my expressions, we won next to nothing but saved our "winnings" tickets, if you can call 6cents and 70cents winnings, to scrap of course.
After about an hour of no wins all around, we headed on down to our hotel (bless you Jill and Scott). We have a room on the 23 floor of the Marriott Riverside and our view is breathtaking. I hope to post more pictures tomorrow before my limited internet expires.
Love to all!

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