Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Early Birthday Present to me...(sing along now)


We got these wonderful wines, a coolie cup holder (for E), a baseball hat (for Chris)and a cute tiki god tea light holder (me) in the mail from our pals, Steve and DeeDee. Thanks pals. I managed to surprise them by sending a photo of the wines via text message to DeeDee's phone. Will wonders never cease! I had some practice yesterday at Kristen's Pampered Chef party. Rob walked me through a few fun things on my new phone. At the party, I ordered some salad servers and a few other summer type items and then 'won' a half price off any one item: E wants the boning knife so we'll order that when we go to supper at the kids tonight.

I have the finishing touches to put on an article for on photo transfer techniques and I need to finish up this month's tech for KnKclub. Since tomorrow is our anniversary, I want the day free to celebrate. E picked out a restaurant on the water clear down in Palmetto that looks like fun and perhaps we can even hit the outlet mall near there on our way home! It will be our 14th. anniversary and we've made progress in our savings for the two week Med cruise we saw in one of the cooking magazines E gets. We found still another cruise of 18 days that also sounded divine and doable. This is our dream for our 15th. Anniversary. Slow and steady is the course!

Hope your Sunday is a good one!


Pam in Moncton said...

Happy anniversary to you! And happy early birthday to you! Happy day, Jules, happy day Jules (and E). Happy happy to you! (can you hear me sing?)

W.O.T.E. said...

So many reasons to celebrate! Happy, Happy! I love your plans. You will have a fantastic time.

I love Stone Hill's Sherry and have their Norton (red) and have to testify on the pampered chef whisk and super spatula - I give that as a gift to anyone having a housewarming or kitchen shower etc...great and inexpensive hostess gift!