Monday, June 01, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!


Today we drove to Palmetto, about an hour south of our home, to a place E read about, The RiverHouse Reef and Grill. The day was perfect for eating outside and the prices were so reasonable for what appears to be a very upscale place. When there are pretty irredescent tiles in the women's room floor in each stall and a double glass door with a reed fiber between, you know this is not your local McDs. We decided to split a couple of meals and an a teaser so we ordered the Bacon Wrapped Scallops ("six sea scallops wrapped in bacon, baked and flash fried to a perfect crisp. Topped with brown sugar glaze and tropical salsa"), Graham Cracker Crusted Stuffed Chicken ("5oz. encrusted chicken breast stuffec with brocolli, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. Topped with mushroom gravy"...this was a bit dry and the gravy just made the whole thing too heavy IMHO) and MY FAVORITE, the Mediterranean flat ("Sun dried t omato pest, marinated artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, spinach and feta cheese").

We watched the boats go by, toasted ourselves and had a wonderful afternoon. We stopped by Snookers and have decided to extend our anniversary through Wednesday...we can do is our anniversary, right? So, tomorrow we are having a lobster fest here and splitting a wonderful Chianti that my Movie Club pal, Gerry gave us and on Wed. we are meeting Bob and his wife, Becky, for supper at Angeleno's on HW 19. Anyone want to help us make it the week long anniversary?

Love to all,
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Roz said...

Happy ANniversary!!!!! Hope you have a fantastic week of celebrating.

Liz said...

Happy Anniversary sure take a week

Mary said...

Very nice...Happy Anniversary to you both.

altar ego said...

Happy Anniversary!! I do so enjoy living vicariously through your daily celebrations of life. Food descriptions are fab, sorry the chicken didn't meet expectations. Miss you much!