Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

I have been working on this layout for a couple of days now and finished it up last night. This is my friend, Jadee's, little girl, Hanna in her first pair of glasses. Have you ever seen a cuter sight? What a sweetie! Hope I did the photo looks dark when I post it.

Almost done with the planting or we would have been had I not found something called Beth's Bells at Home Depot yesterday. They are pretty blue flowers in thick clumps of a leafy green and will be perfect on either side of my arbor seat. We also got a new bistro set to replace the rusting cheapo chairs we got a couple of years ago. I am not wild about the cushions but the table and chair set are cute and out of the powdered metal finish that our big set is so will take a long time to rust.

All I asked for for Mother's Day was a new garden gnome to hide peeking out of some of our plants. Rob has threatened to turn me into the on-line site, "Free the Gnomes" if I do not cease in my efforts to populate my garden with these. A couple of the little fellas need some paint so have that on list for errands. I did ask that we go to Capt'n Jack's tomorrow afternoon for some reggae music and a cold brew before we're back home for supper. Now, to get someone to take a group shot of us there!

HOpe your weekend is a good one. I am going to scrap away this afternoon with any luck.


altar ego said...

LOVE this layout! Clever title, and nicely done. You just keep turning out the hits, Jules!

Liz said...

This is so adorable.. I so love this...
Happy Mother's Day as well.

W.O.T.E. said...

fantastic LO, adorable little gal. Your yard sounds glorious. I envy your productiveness!