Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Friday and that makes me happy!

Even though E and I have been retired for eight and nine years respectively, we still look forward to Fridays. When we taught, Friday was the day to either go out for couple of cold brews after work or have people over the house to decompress after a week of teaching the youth of America. Now, we use Friday as a way to mark the end of a week. We make plans with friends who work or plans for the weekend when the kids can come over and hang out.

Today I am having E drop me off at Ruban Rouge, the lss near me. Lisa, the owner, has Friday night Happy Hour Crops almost every Friday. This will be my first one but I got
a taste of how much fun every one has when I went to the National Scrapbook Day Crop. Lisa won't be there, but my pal, Cathy (W.O.T.E) will be coming by for a while and Kip, Linda and I think Mary Mary are coming to crop too. I am looking forward to this!

Have a great Friday !

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Carla said...

Hey are you? I have been such a bad bad blogger.....and really havent been on the internet too much. But I wanted to pop over and say HI!