Sunday, May 24, 2009

The weekend so far...

has been a great one. The torrential downpour of Friday night ended just in time for E to drop me at Ruban Rouge for the crop. Not only are these some of the most talented women I know, but some of the funniest...great time, gals. Many thanks. And I even finished a mini doggy album for Deb White's Florida Boxer Fund Raiser June 12th./13. Will post a link as soon as I can find it!

Sat., after Kip left, Kristen and I went shopping and got caught up on each other's lives. We live so close but with both of us staying so busy, we sometimes don't make or have the time. A mother/daughter day is always fun and, once school is over for this year for her, we'll have more time to hang out. We met up with a friend of K's, Lisa, at lunch at the original Jack Willies (in Oldsmar?Palm Harbor?). What I love about this place is it is right on a canal off the bay, has a great tiki bar and live music on weekends. This bird let me get so very close to it. I am thinking it gets lots of handouts from customers. When I got home, new comfy cute shoes in hand (soon to be on feet), E and I watched old movies and had grilled fish for supper. All in all, the weekend has been an A+ so far.

Once it lightens up here, we'll head in town on our bikes for our traditional weekend treat: breakfast at Tullah's on the Trail. We have a few chores to get done today but, if the weather holds, a nice float in the pool and some grilled chicken might be on the agenda.

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Kip said...

Please make your pictures bigger when you export them from 800mg. When you click on these, they stay small and are hard to see for us old folks!

Natalie H said...

Hey that is too funny the guy singing in the photo is a very good friend of mine don e mac known him for a long time.