Saturday, June 06, 2009

Favorite Five: Altered Objects

This sure covers a wide range of things, doesn't it? As many of you know, for a while I was in my 'bird phase' and did quite a few bird houses. Before that it was torsos and wire dress forms, and then was my canvas period which I feel coming back. As a friend of mine said, if it isn't nailed down, make it prettier! lol.

I had a tough time picking but am trying to abide by the rules I set, for a change! lol and only posted five of my altered top five favorites.

Here are my five tagged people for today: MaryGrimm (from KnK), Teri (who is on vacation but will see this when she gets home I hope), Mama Jayne who does wonderful work, Di whose work with inchies and ACTs and soldering is wonderous and Pam B, whom I am hoping will post some of her altered window frames.

Tomorrow is Tags day! I love making these, sending them and using them as cards and book marks. Let's see your tags!

1 comment:

altar ego said...

Okay, have I not been here for THAT long? Man, you've been a busy little poster, not to mention searching and deciding on favorites! You go girl!

And all of this puts me to shame. BUT! In the process of organizing my office (once known as a scrap room) I am making space and rediscovering things for scrapping! I am determined to put this back in my life, because soon there will be NO EXCUSE!!

Love you!