Monday, June 15, 2009

Home and knee deep in unpacking

What a jam packed and fun filled weekend. I picked Kip up around noon and we headed to Scrapbooking in Paradise to meet up with G-a,Sonia and Barb who had driven up from Ft. Myers and Jill whom they had picked up at the Tampa airport. We shopped (and I showed a tad bit of restraint for a change)and then went out to lunch. We checked into the hotel before heading over to the Art Institute where the Boxer Rescue Fund Raiser was being held. G-a, Sonia and I shared one suite and Kip, Barb and Jill the other. I thought the suites were very nice and spacious (as you can see from the group shot...I think we had 17 total playing Left Right Center and celebrating Kipper's retirement).

I got so much done this weekend, stayed up wayyyyyyy too late both Friday and Sat., laughed and laughed and had a great time hanging with the girls. The best class I took that the Art Institute offered to us was the Wine and Chocolate and shortly behind that was the Photog. class. The instructor was so kind and did not make me feel like a blithering idiot. She narrowed down the sections I need to read in my camera owners manual, which helped tons since it is thicker than the one I have for my car!

We had fun at the Whine Down cocktail party although my plastic party glass had a leak (YES...really!!!) and I have wine down one of my favorite wine, of course. Will see how effective my Wine Out really is. We got to have the goodies from the classes that were offered to us by the Culinary Arts dept. and had fun hiding in the palms.

I did get 3 layouts done (one has to be 'fixed' just a tad) and a mini book from the July kit. And I still have tons of product left. E's cooking album is well under way!

It was good as always to see Jack Flash and her sister,two of the SW Fl. Cuties (Renee and Erika) and Lisa and Kelly (again...great message!). Kathy,Mary Mary, Michele and Linda from Hilltop and ALL the gals I know and love! Thanks to Kelcey for the birthday wine and card and to Jill for all the cute Cabana boy goodies. Hope I didn't leave anyone out.

And Linda's Ziti Friday night was the best!

Love to all,

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Roz said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! It was nice to see the group shot in the hotel. HUGS!