Friday, June 12, 2009

See you Sunday

I am off to the crop presented by Hilltop Memories (www.hilltopmemories), THE very best crop and retreat company in Florida. Linda, the owner, is presenting this crop for the Florida Boxer Rescue group and it is a fund raiser for the groups wonderful rescue work.

I am picking up Kip and we'll meet up with G-a, Barb, Sonia who are driving up from Ft. Myers and who will pick up Jill at the Tampa airport. We'll have a bit of retail therapy at Scrapbooking in Paradise down Kip's way and then check into the two suites at a hotel near the crop. The crop is being held at the Art Institute of Tampa and I can't wait.

I even signed up for a cooking class but don't worry about me setting fire to the building...the class is Wine and Chocolate and I am sure I will be well supervised! lol

I have the scrap crap all packed. Just need to throw my clothes into the new cute tote Kip gave me for my birthday, add a bit of make up and I am ready. Oh, wait! I need to print a bunch of food and E cooking pictures as I am starting an album for E (hoping to finish it by his birthday in Sept) called "E is not just for Emeril" and it will include pictures and recipes of his favorite meals and will be divided like a cook book. Now don't tell as he has no clue and does not read my blog!

Have a great weekend and if you have too much fun, please send me pictures for the blog! lol I'll be posting some of mine from the crop when I can.

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Laura said...

What a great idea for an album Jules! E will love it:) Have fun at the crop.