Monday, June 22, 2009

It's another Monday here in Paradise

First, the shrine to home (more detailed pics on my altered art blog my part of this half month's reveal at Genuinely Jane Studios who is also having a contest. Here is the link so be be sure to check it out:

Read all about it and play at: While you are there, check out the super awesome projects created by our DT and the always amazing Suze Weinberg!

Genuinely Yours,

Susan and Mark
Genuinely Jane Studios
Phone: (609) 864-0666
Fax: (888) 711-9322

Second, here are a few pictures form our Father's Day celebration for E from yesterday. Kristen hates to have her picture taken (at least by me) so I have to ambush her to get any. The kitchen shot is where she was making a salad for E's meal. Rob cooked the chicken and Chris did the corn on the cob. A wonderful meal. I dug out the new dishes (gotta love Home Goods)for the these bright colors and they match the great room And, finally, the family photo. There are several versions of this mostly of Chris' posterior as he raced for the couch but this one is pretty good. Thanksgiving is the next time I'll be able to talk them all into sitting still together so I have to grab these while I can!

Have a great is suffocatingly humid and hot here in Paradise. Hope your weather is better.

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W.O.T.E. said...

that shrine is to die for! looks like a wonderful time together with family:)