Monday, June 22, 2009

Had tons of fun with this one!

Everyone who knows me even just a little knows that I do NOT cook. It is not that I can't; it just is not something I am good at. I love the fact others can cook and do appreciate those who do like Linda (www.hilltopmemeories) and my own Chef E.

And, since E heard about the toaster fire from the kids (a whole other story), he has taken complete control of the kitchen. I do cook my own breakfast fajita or omelet in the morning and do make a mean veggie pasta salad but, because these are optional things to do in the kitchen, I have been able to manage them without a single mishap (ok, there was that towel that ended up a bit singed but I love "distressed" things and the small mishap with the steak knife)!

And take a look at the July kit from KNK. So far, I have done 4 layouts, a mini album (from the add on kit), and a card. And I still have paper left.


Teresa said...

Well darling...aint you the layout :-)

Laura said...

What a cute layout Jules!