Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My birthday continues...

My friend, Suzie, told me that this is my b'day MONTH and that festivities in my honor should continue until the month is over. See why I like this gal! It does appear that this may be the longest running Birthday Celebration in history, Tarpon Springs? how about in my life?

Today Kip, Teri and I went out for my birthday luncheon. We went to a favorite place of Kip and my's ( we've been there once before)called SeaSea Riders in Dunendin. This is my meal: a wonderfully flavored chicken. I had a nice glass of pinot grigio and we all skipped dessert. We were going to get gelateo or an ice cream at Strickners (sp?) but never got around to it.

Our first stop, after Teri worked through her Homecoming Queen parade thing, was Q's. We were greeted by Ron whose first words were, "margarita, mojito, or wine?" yes, please! We all bough lovelies. Q's has the best bling around! and did you know...Kip bought a purse! She was down to just about 45 in her stash and she NEEDED another one...this will be perfect for her upcoming cruise.

Isn't this a great pic of us at Qs and are we not damn cute? lol

We hit a few other shops but didn't find as many fun things as we did at Qs. I bought some cool earrings, Teri got a necklace for a friend of hers who is coming to visit and Kip got a purse (did you know she got one?), a ring and some other blingy stuff...I picked out the bracelet! I am her personal shopper, you know.

Met E up at Snookers where some of the gang helped me recover some very funny b'day greetings (lol...Suzie) and now home to admire the tote, cocktail napkins and coaster from Kip. Thanks gals for a wonderful day!

The kids gave me a fun gnome flag, a couple of gnomes on sticks for potted plants and plumeria tree. Thanks to my friends and family for a great b'day!


Teri said...

KIP Got a new purse???????????? OMG did not know!!!

Cindy/WAgal said...

Happy belated Birthday Jules!! You always celebrate in style!!