Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We got rain!

Finally! It started with a wonderous lightening and thunder show around nine last night and the sky poured that lovely wet stuff for about 45 min. The cats and I watched the display out the bedroom window and listened to the rain on the sky light in the bathroom until one of us (me) drifted off to sleep. The ground is still wet this morning so the lawn and plants should be happy.

I played with some paper scraps yesterday that I found on a shelf and made two more nosegay bouquets. I'll put them on my altered blog some time later today and will put the layout up here as soon as I get the pictures for it printed.

I have been cleaning out my closet. We have a community clothes drive pick up on Thurs and I've been amassing a bag of things that I no longer wear or that no longer fit. While I didn't lose weight this week, I didn't gain either. In the process of closet cleaning, it dawned on me that I am shy in the shorts department. I wear the 'street' length ones and TJMaxx just happened to get in a new shipment. My "old" size was too big and baggy and the next size down a bit snug but I am bound and determined to meet my 5% goal this next week so they should fit better by then.

July is going to be a mad house, albeit a fun one. I am gone to N.C. with a bunch of the Hilltop/KnK gals the weekend of the 10-12 visiting our friend, Jill, our first week at the beach starts the 12th. with Rob house sitting for us for the next two weeks (love it when we have someone who stays here)! Then, on our way back into Tampa area we are tentatively planning on picking up Pam from Wisc. that Sat and Monday she and I drive to Orlando for CHA and meet up with G-a, Sonia, Chris, Kip and others. And thus endeth July! I think I've just met myself going in the front door as I am

Hope everyone has a great day!

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