Friday, July 24, 2009

Last Day...sigh.

Today is our last full day at the beach and, traditionally, it is a chill and hang out day. We are planning a seafood cookout tonight so, while the girls head to a shop called The Silver Witch to get our beachy charm for this summer for our charm bracelets, the guys will head to the seafood market across the bridge to shop for our supper.

Yesterday was so much fun. We had the boat out for a bit over four hours and saw manatee, dolphins, horseshoe crabs and rays during our ride out to Lover's Key. A couple of our gang used snorkel equipment and found some great shells. We all got far too much sun, of course but had such a good time.

Thursday has become our communal supper day. Everyone brings the left overs from the week and all of us share. We stake out the gazebo with the same oil cloth table cloths we've used for the past ten years and last night was great. Linda made gooey butter cake which we can not get down here. It is a St. Louis (or midwest thing) I guess like toasted ravioli, which we can't find down here so this was a great treat for us ex pats.

E is packing us up and I am trying to prepack some things for CHA. Pam flies in tomorrow morning and we'll hang out around Tarpon Springs for a couple of days and then head to Orlando on Monday. This is going to be great. Sonia found us a big house outside of Orlando...most of the DT will be together: Chris from Ill., Pam from Wisc., Kip and me along with the boss ladies, G-a and Sonia! We also have three guests of the company staying too: Roz, Kelcey and Jill. This should be a blast! We will miss you madly Deb and Amy and know we will toast you often and send you lots of pictures.

Sonia has done an incredible job of trying to coordinate ten of us arriving and departing at various times and my hat is off to her! Love ya BFF!

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rebecca lucille said...

Jeannie and I will be heading over Friday afternoon for CHA... will y'all be at the "big Crop"?
I hope to see you there!!!