Thursday, July 16, 2009

Morning comes softy

I caught this dramatic cloud formation last night. You'd think with all that darkness, there would be some rain but nope! We all watched the dredger leave last night pushed to its new location by a tugboat and this morning the barge with the sand to renourish the beach is ready to go to work.

After breakfast we are off on our beach walk. We did about 2.5 miles yesterday and working up to a bit more we hope. We'll be heading in to town after breakfast to visit my sister and see how she is doing. We are going to a farmer's market on our way back here, followed by some pool time.

Hope you have a great day...Happy B'day to Linda and Barb!


rebecca lucille said...

sending prayers for your sister... hope all is well...

Cindy/WAgal said...

Beautiful pics Jules, especially the last one. So sorry to read about your sister. Hope the results will be good one for her. (((HUGS)))

Looks like you ladies had another good time together!