Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Morning Walk

We walked at about 8 this morning. There was a breeze off the Gulf and the sasnd fleas must have been sleeping 'cause we did not get a bite. The mornings here are a delight...the sun shimmering on the water, the gulls arguing on the shore, and the pelicans bobbing on the waves.

We have not yet seen the dolphins move from the south toward Sanibel but there is dredging going on in front of us for the beach replentishment so that may have interfered with their daily ritual.

If the new 'island' forms again tomorrow off shore here, E and I will paddle our way out to it and check out the shells that are thrown out of the dredgers.

And my sister is doing better today. When I left she had end upon end company, had been given a sleepy pill and was leaving for an xray. Thanks to all of you have sent prayers and good thoughts.

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Deanna said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad to hear your sister is doing better.