Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The only grocery store I love

I hate to grocery shop. Probably part of the reason is lack of interest and part is also lack of interest. When E does make me go with him, my parting words at the door are, "look for me in the magazine aisle". BUT, I do love to go to Fresh Market...it is a beautiful place to visit. While E hunts for the elusive flour or seasoning or rice, I take pictures of everything I love about this store. Today, he lured me into running errands by promising me a stop at Fresh Market. And I barely made it past the entrance. I touched all the lavender plants lovingly...I can still smell them, envied the roses and paled before the hydrangea, and just wanted to throw myself into the rest...just like in the movie, Bed of Roses. But, dear gentle reader, I showed great restraint and, in order to do this, took pictures in the candy section! An elderly gentleman (at least a year or two older than I am)kindly moved out of my way so I could get the shot down the jar after jar after jar of forbidden fruits! lol

And before that we went to the Christmas store on Gulf to Bay...another of my favorite places to oooh and aaaah. (and Barb, they've gotten in new pieces for you village...the one you want! you know!). But those are blog posts for the future.

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Kelly said...

Thanks for your feedback on my blog!
I love the picture of all the candy. I dream of having a setup like that in my house for decoration, but I fear they would always be empty thanks to my sweet tooth.
You have inspired me to take more pictures of everyday things, so thank you for that too!
Enjoy your summer!