Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After a walk on the beach this morning, we staked out a table and chairs near the pool and read the morning away with some dips in the pool when the sun got a bit too warm. There was a nice breeze most of the morning so we didn't suffer too much.

We cleaned up and headed to the hospital to see how my sister was doing. The morphine she was given for the pain was making her sick so she was in transition between the two meds, hungry but couldn't keep anything down and not a particularly happy camper. We didn't stay too long and let her try to get some rest.

The internet connection here is iffy at best and I've been fighting it when I've tried to post so if I miss a day, that is the reason why.

We stopped on the way home at one of our favorite beach bars, Smoking Oyster Bar, for some shrimp and clams and then back to the resort for some r and r and a bit of laundry.

I am looking forward to stamp demo day at Owl and the Pussycat Stamp Store in town tomorrow. Sonia and I are meeting there and I'll stop off and see my sister on the way home. Til then, have a great day

P.S. Our unit is the 3rd. back from the beach and that lanai is often where I type up my blog as the connection seems to be a bit better there...and then there is the sound of the surf!

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altar ego said...

I can hear that sigh all the way up here! And I can see the smile and hear the laughter. I'll laugh with you long distance!
Sending hugs and lotsa love.