Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ants in our pants and frogs in our clogs

Well, not really. The ants are surrounding the rim of the pool and are giving us a good fight. We spray one area and they move to another and then back when the spray is gone. Off to Home Depot today to find something else to use. And then to keep the cats off the lanai while the stuff does its job.

And, as for the frogs, these are tiny tiny froggies or toads and the same ones that invaded our yard last year. Must be a seasonal thing. Last year, there were so many that it looked like the side yard was moving. We were scooping them out of the pool by the dozens. They came up from the woods, migrated down the side yard to the front and onto the street which pretty much ended the story. And now (like in a scary movie) "They'rrrrrreeeee baaaaaack!"

Errands, errands and more errands to run today: bank, Home Depot, Home Goods (to replace a cat-ostropic broken dining room table center piece bowl), Bealls for clearance sale plus an additional 15% discount for us old farts, and hopefully our monthly Pay Day Let's Eat Out lunch!

Ok, Linda and all you Greg Iles fans, I am hooked...what book next? Only half way through this one but getting worried I'll finish it before I have the next in hand.

Hope you all have a great day.


elle said...

your day sounds full, but fun too! lots better than mine...i'm counting the days till i can drive!

ants and frogs...frogs and ants....not good, hopefully they'll be gone soon!


eljay716 said...

I didn't read them in any order as it doesn't matter with him. I will look to see what I have and send any I can find to you.
Those poor little frogs....LOL

Cindy Marchant said...

Hope you get all the pesties under conrtol!! Yikes!

Janet M said...

Great blog title and I hope you get rid of all of the pesky thing.

Liz said...

EEEK I have only found the grant ant stakes to work but hard to find We just got a ton at home and put them out and magically couple days no more. They are coming to spray but still I hate them all over eek.. and the little froggies yikes

Deanna said...

Well, Oreo loves to eat ants...maybe he could help.