Thursday, August 06, 2009

One day closer to the weekend...

Not much on the agenda for today: finish my second layout for KNK (my second reveal is tomorrow), clean up AGAIN in this room, try to get to the Fed Ex guy for mailings that didn't get done yesterday, move some laundry and hope for some sunshine for a dip in the pool, helping to plan a party with another friend who is staying for supper.

Looking forward to seeing the gals at RR Friday. Meeting a pal at five and then the crop. I am playing middle man on some Glimmer Mist and have some lovely colors for a certain person.

I did find some bargains at Tues. Morning. It along with Big Lots, TJMaxx, Beall's outlets and HOme Goods are my must go to stores. I have been wanting to try oil pastels for the longest time but found them expensive even with coupons so was delighted when I ran across these at Tues. Morning: Green Art. 20 pastels for 1.99 and 12 acrylic tubes for 2.99 (portable for crops). Wish me luck.

The other three pictures are of Pam and I trying on sun glasses in Dunedin during her visit right before CHA and of my buddy, Chris, working on one of Provo Crafts great make n takes. And yes, she completely finished the project and no, I did not! lol

Found a Sat. am yoga class here in town and will call on that today. I bought the mat so am committed (or rather should be! lol). Wish me luck.

Good thoughts for my son in law's mother as she starts her treatments for leukemia...all prayers gratefully accepted.


elle said...

i'm sure you'll enjoy that yoga class. can't wait till i get the ok to go, i think it will be good for the old body!

i'll send some prays that way. have fun puttering around today.

love the sunglasses!

rebecca lucille said...

let me know where the Sat yoga class is.... I love yoga..and miss it! I used to go to the YMCA in Palm Harbor, but now with midnight shift, it's hard to get there.... love the teacher there tho!
sending prayers for your son in law's momma...