Sunday, August 30, 2009

Biking over the Anclote

The changes in the seasons here in Paradise are subtle and, unless you watch carefully, the only indication of fall is a slight dip in the temps. Because we bike every morning and usually take one of three routes, we have seen evidence of late of some indications that fall is not too far away.

Our favorite bike route is through the nature preserve over the river bridge and onto the Trail. We do anywhere from four miles upwards to ten a ride and this is one of the best parts of any of them. One morning we spotted a roseate spoonbill feeding in the shallows, another time a manatee was making its way through a pass at low tide and still another, we saw a school of fish having a jumping contest as we rode over the bridge.

The little fat bunnies from this spring have grown into fat big rabbits and they watch us from along side the woods. Berries in purple and red are starting to show here and there and some of the marsh grasses are changing their hues. We don't get the incredible color display of the northeast and mid west but we do get a few glimmers of autumn now and then. I can no longer imagine living anywhere but here in Paradise!

Hope your weekend has been a good one.

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Amy said...

Beautiful photos Jules! You make me want to move there LOL