Sunday, September 20, 2009

All good things must come to an end...

but only until January! We've had such fun with Jo while she was here. And, while yesterday was sad in that we had to take her to the airport, we have January and many more wild and crazed adventures ahead.

Sat. she and I hit some of the shops along the Sponge Docks and admired all the shrimp, fishing, sponge and recreation boats that were all in port. She took E and I out for a late lunch at one of our many favorite restaurants here, Old School House on Alt.19 in Palm Harbor. E had the cornflake encrusted grouper sandwich, I had the margarita chicken in lime tequila sauce and Jo had another chicken dish just as good. It was a leisurely lunch and we discussed plans for January.

The restaurant is an actual two room school house and the owners have told us from time to time, someone will say, "I actually went to school here". They sell antiques as well as wonderful food!

We have company coming over for pool time and bbq later today and I want to get the guest room cleaned up for the next batch of company who should be arriving the last week of the month.

And Ms Cheryl, yes, we see manatee here. We usually see more of them during the cooler months when they come in from the Gulf to the warmer waters of our river here and they are regular visitors to our bayous (we have 7 I believe here in Tarpon Springs alone). I love them too! Did you get your goody box from the blog giveaway?

Hope everyone has a delightful Sunday!


Ms. Cheryl said...

Yes mam I got my wonderful goodie box. I worked a 36 hour weekend so all I've done with it so far is brag, LOL. Thank you so much.
I lived in Orlando 1 year about 28 years ago and for fun I'd go to the springs and watch the manatees. I fell in love with them.I enjoy reading your posts and especially the pictures of the beauty surrounding your little corner of the world. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day. ms.cheryl

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun. You always find the best food!:-)