Friday, September 18, 2009

Every day is a new adventure

and yesterday we had some wonderful adventures. When Jo was here last spring, we never made it to Safety Harbor which is a lovely little town on an 'arm' of Tampa Bay. The town is home to the Safety Harbor Spa and Resort (a lovely historic place set right on the water next to the Marina, Safety Harbor Mounds which are listed on the Historical Sites Register and Philippi Park. Sandy introduced me to the park when we took a long walk there on one of our AWOL days. It is a beautiful setting with rolling hills, huge old live oaks draped with Spanish moss and a breathtaking view of the Bay.

Jo and I walked a bit through the park, climbed the mound, walked out on the pier at the Marina, did some shopping in the cute little shops (isn't the hat just me and wouldn't you love to have that sassy flamingo?) and then headed to lunch. Sandy and I had had lunch at Green Springs Bistro there when we visited and I knew Jo would love the food as it was tasty and fresh...too musts for me. And, I was right. The
restaurant is located right off the main drag on a shaded side street in a bungalow The decor is both cottage and eclectic with a splash of Carribean on the enclosed back porch where we sat. We each ordered something different and split both to share. What you see here is the result. Jo got the chicken Quesadilla, which was so wonderful and I got the Portobello muschroom sandwich with warm artichoke spread. They both came with the salad that is light as air and so flavorful. We thought we had died and gone to foodies' heaven!

We picked up a brochure at the Chamber of Commerce with the upcoming events for Safety Harbor and one called Secret Adventures in Florida or something like that and we are madly planning day trips for when she is in town in Jan. I am sure the guys will be thrilled beyond

We are off to tour her condo today and then on to Dunedin and, yes! another lunch out. The kids are all coming over for supper. We're finally celebrating E's birthday so he will not be doing the main cooking...that is going to be left up to the boys and Kristen and they will all do a great job!

We got good news yesterday and not so good. Our friend is going to have the needed surgery he had been avoiding which is the good news. The not so hot news is the dermo man discovered yet another melanoma on E's forehead and a basil cell cancer on his back. They were both caught early and will be removed next Monday which is more good news.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Anonymous said...

Looks like some good adventures to me. Loved the Flamenco Flamingo:-)

Jennifer said...

The hat is so you, did it come with a parasol? The flamingo is great and would look lovely next to your tiki pool man..LOL!

Thoughts and prayers for E (and you)!

rebecca lucille said...

So glad they caught E's spots early.... I'll be thinking good thoughts for him...
Love the hat Jules... it's so you!

di said...

I'll be thinking about E during the next week

karen said...

Oh,my Jules...I WANT THAT Flamingo!!! It would look GREAT in my flamingo themed bath room!!!!
Sounds like great times with your BFF!!
Keeping E in my prayers..