Thursday, September 17, 2009

Forty Seven Years...but who is counting?

Jo got in around one-ish yesterday afternoon and nothing has changed. We instantly reverted to the young silly girls we were when we first met 47 years ago, the summer after my parents divorce and our move from the familiar to the unknown. JoAnne befriended me and helped make that transition a much smoother one. We have not stopped laughing since.

We hit the city running. We'd have put the top down and played Thelma and Louise but it would have required moving her luggage to the back seat and it was way too hot out for any exercise of that extreme nature. We decided on Tarpon Turtle for lunch as, in her other two visits to the area, she had not eaten there. Lunch was tasty and fresh and we lingered over a glass of vino catching up on our lives. We drove by the condo she is going to be renting with her hubby St. Bill (that is what I call him and I am sure she, along with others, feel the same about E)for the month of January. We've planned lots of fun thing for when they are here: concerts on the beach, music and dinner out in Safety Harbor and the Epiphany Celebration here in Tarpon Springs.

Jo was telling E and I about the Baltic Cruise from which they just returned. She got this so incredibly cheap for their 12 days plus that E and I have placed our next adventure squarely in her hands. She found one cruise last night to the Med for two weeks for less than 2000 per and one for just a tad more that included airfare and both go to all the places we want to see. Bill and Jo are already 'on board' with idea of going with us and when Jo finds us one like her Baltic Cruise (although we are looking for one more southerly)we'll tell our pals Steve and DeeDee and see if they want to join us. I am getting way excited now.

I have put a couple of my projects up on my altered art blog from my Reveal at A Cherry on the Top. Hope you like them.

Have a great day everyone.

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rebecca lucille said...

Old friends are THE BEST! Laurie and I have been friends since High School, and I cherish her friendship so much.. I miss her..and can't wait til she can come visit...Hope y'all have fun fun fun!