Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A few of my favorite things

At the top of my list is visiting nursery and garden shops. I love to see how the experts pair flowers and create beautiful and quiet areas. Landmark Nursery in Palm Harbor (?) is one of our two favorite nurseries in the area and, from these few pictures I am sure you can see why.
We are trying to redo the front entry to the house, hopefully making it more warm and welcoming. The stone work will have to wait for a bit as our last estimate was close to a thousand and we are willing to wait and save to get just what we want. But, we don't have to wait on the redesign of the plants. We have a plan in mind and, as soon as E gets the guest bath repainted, we can start on the front. Wish us luck.


Jennifer said...

Your garden looks wonderful!


Jules said...

That is not my garden...I only wish it were...these are pics from the nursery! lol