Sunday, September 27, 2009

Free Museum Day in Tampa

We only made it to one museum yesterday and didn't get there until about 1pm but we found parking right away less than a block from the entrance and did not wait in line at all so guess our timing was good. The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Pete is in a lovely location right down on the water and near the university. There is a new building in the works and the design looks pure Dali.

I am about half way through a book on Dali's life and art that I picked up in the gift shop on our way out after our tour. I find the artist fascinating and his art intriguing. He is best known for his melting clocks but his art spans all types and is not restricted to paintings. We will go back to this one again and find a place on the water to eat lunch. Kristen had been to the museum before so she led us through the exhibits.

On our way to another museum, we all decided we'd pretty much had a full day. Kristen had a workshop on new ways of teaching math that morning, E had been out working in the yard and I had been working on a project. So, rather than visit another place, we dropped K at her house and headed out to meet some friends at Miss Vickies and to listen to an excellent guitarist.

Cool breeze off the Gulf, pretty boats, good food and music, friends, family and Dali...a great day!

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