Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun night at Ruban Rouge

And look at all the new goodies I found in the store...oh me oh my and that didn't even include all the pretty ribbons I found to go along with these lovely papers. Now I need to find the fall pictures from our last trip home to St. Louis and scrap scrap scrap. It is Support Your Local Scrapbook Store Week, isn't it? I certainly thought so last night...good thing it is the end of the month as my scrappy budget is spent between RR, KnKclub Hilltop Memories and ACOT. I do love all the pretties and seem to be just a girl that can't say no. Doing my bit for the economy within my limited

Jean, Jackie, Diane and Lisa...I always have far too much fun with you all. Again, thanks.


Amy said...

ooooohhhh look at the pretty PRIMA!!! Can't get much of that around here. I am really going to have to start bugging "someone" to start getting more of it in the mall!!!

Amy said...
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