Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let the fun begin...

(not that I don't have fun most of the time anyway but)I pick up my oldest pal, Jo, from the Tampa airport today. She and I go back about 47 years and have spent a lot of that time laughing. It is what we do best besides be friends. She and Bill, her hubby, are renting a condo here in the area for the month of January and, she is down to check it out while spending a few days here playing.

The last time she visited, she and I took the tour boat out to Anclote Key to the lighthouse. What a great time. I am sure we'll find something equally fun to do during this visit as well. I am thinking a day in Dunedin. The last time we had the guys with us and you know how that can slow down a couple of gals in their shopping. I'm thinking a leisurely lunch at either Bon Appetite or Sea Sea Riders followed by a visit to Q's and three or four other of my favorite boutiques. But we shall see.

Yoga to 9 and a few more chores to complete around the house before I head out to the airport. Watch this spot for updates on the Adventures of Jo and Jules. (oh, and I want to antique shop here for some vintage sheet music...I have a Christmas project in mind).

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