Monday, September 07, 2009

Oh No...Thula's is closed on Mondays!

Off we went this morning with visions of Trail Fries and a Greek omelet from "our" restaurant, Thula's, floating through our minds. The morning was cool and the birds chirping happily from the tree tops along the trail. Zoom into town and BAM! "Closed on Mondays". E was so upset he wanted to turn tail, ride home and break out a new container of low fat cottage cheese! Eeek!

I talked him into parking our bikes in the racks across from the train station and walking the half block to Danny K's Alley Cafe (so named as it goes from Tarpon Ave.-to the the next parallel street like an alley, which I believe it once was before it was enclosed. While we could eat outside, the view is not quite the same. The food is excellent and the prices good and our little waitress was darling. We shared the outdoor dining area with another couple who were very friendly and cordial. When a women approached us, she laughed and asked if we knew each other...ah, no. Well, she said, how funny that the woman's shirt said, "Got Ouzo" and E's (his St. Pat's shirt from Peggy O'Neal's in Old Palm Harbor) read, "I'll have what the gentleman on the floor was having"...synchronicity!

Hope your Labor Day is a good one!

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