Saturday, September 05, 2009

Watch the Birdie

I warned you that I was still working my way through my birds obsession and here is the proof in the pudding. I've been working on this layout for literally months. I'd do a bit and put it away, add some more and put it away. But now it is done!

My friend, Janet and I take pictures of each other taking pictures. I have no clue why we do this but I must have dozens of her with a camera in front of her face...perhaps it is a statement of some part of who we are, recorders of events and people.

I've known Janet for about six or seven years. We met on line on a message board and clicked almost immediately. We met IRL about a year of on-line when we were in a group at a scrap booking event. And again and again over the years. Our husbands have met, enjoy each others' company and have cooked together even. She and I share a strange sense of humor (see the tag with the vintage hats) , a love of our families, and an enjoyment of our mutual friends.

I had fun with this layout and that is perhaps why it took me so long to finish it...I was having so much fun with the process that I didn't want it to end. So, dear Janet, I need new pictures of us...when did you say you'd be in Florida next?


Janet M said...

I just love both of them Jules, but of course i would. Your design is great.
That's a wonderful prize that you won for the layout, just amazing all the goodies that are in there.
By the way we do come back to Fl sometime in Oct but we don't even know yet when. Then of course for all the fun in November.

Jules said...

The second layout is the tags from the first but shown in all our glory, Janet. Damn, we're

Deanna said...

The layout is great! Too funny, too, because I do that! Drives people nuts! 'Why are you taking a picture of me taking a picture of you?" lol

Amy said...

Great layout Jules!