Saturday, October 17, 2009

Been too long since I blogged

I got my kit from KnK for November Wed. and have not stopped scrapping. I had not done anything creative for over a week, maybe more and now, in just a day I did 2 layouts, a Gratitude box within a box and a fall card. See what how all the goodies in the kit inspired me? Order yours

It was so good to see the Ruban Rouge gals last night: Diane (who gives me vertigo), Jackie (and her wild cruise adventures)and Jean (who embodies Kismet)lol. And seeing my pal, Becky ( of the driving Miss Daisy fame), was the icing on the cake. We have plans abrewing for Simply Scrapping Boutiques extravaganza next year in La. I was invited this year to bring some gals who would get to help with the big name classes being taught. Since I couldn't make it to this year's, we've been talking about planning to go next year. By then, the saving for the cruise for E and I will be topped off and I can have a bit more discretionary funds. It is always nice to have something like this to look forward to so am hoping for that reason and many others that the event was wildly successful.

Scrapping away the weekend here in Paradise. I have three local scrappy pals coming by, two spending the night and my honey is cooking up yummies night and day. Since Creep Over (Hilltop Memories Retreats and Traveling Store) was not in the cards for this year (hope your all are having the greatest time BTW), scrapping with others who also could not attend is a nice consolation prize.

HOpe everyone has a great weekend!

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rebecca lucille said...

I've made oreo cheescake for desert!