Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Busy last few days

We had company drop by Monday and, thanks to Suzie's great idea, our Tiki god of beer now proudly wears a witches hat! I'll get some pictures up soon. Some of you may remember the Santa hat I made for him for Christmas and at Easter I was working on some bunny ears but they never worked out. The rest of the Halloween decorations are going up slow but sure.

We spent yesterday afternoon at E's new dr. who is treating this melanoma very aggressively. This cancer is his bugaboo and he has spent the last 8 years studying it and it's treatment. E goes in Friday for about 3 or 4 hours of MRI for complete scans of his body. The other dermo dr. did not include the results from E's last removal where he found the melanoma had spread and that they had not gotten it all so when the new dr. gets those results and the ones from the MRI, we go back to make some decisions on where we go from here.

We are taking a break from stitches, tests and treatments Sat. and joining Bob and Janet in Sarasota for the International Art Festival at the Ringling Museum. Between their computer and car battery problems and E's tests etc., we've had to change this date a couple of times but Sat., baring a few things, is solid and I can't wait. Maybe we can stop in Cortez on our way home for some more of the wonderful food and view that Becky introduced me to last weekend.

Yoga today and I can't wait. I leave those classes feeling so good, body and soul. I believe this is something I will continue for quite some time.

Went by Custer's Last Stamp yesterday on our (long) way home from the new dr. and they are closing as of Oct. 31. There are several people interested in buying the shop so perhaps it will continue. Cute store and right now everything is 30% off. I replaced my craft mat and bought a lovely little art deco fairy stamp. Have been playing in my workroom but mostly trying out a couple of new techniques so there is little to bring to show and tell.

Hope everyone has a great day

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Anonymous said...

Sending my best wishes for E! Love The Platters, so smooth:-) Glad you are enjoying Yoga. We've got a studio here and I've been curious. Enjoy your weekend.