Sunday, October 04, 2009

WANTED: fall songs

I like to change my music on my blog to fit the seasons. I can add (again) When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall and three others I can remember, I think. But, last year, my pal W.O.T.E. recommended a cool yule song for me and I am now taking recommendations based on the fact I loved her recommend...these will stay up through the end of Nov. And the best one (well, my favorite) of the ones recommended, gets a mega package from my scrap stash.
So, post 'em!

Oh, and I HAVE to add "Take the Long Way Home" for Becky !


rebecca lucille said...

but we take the long way THERE!

Jules said...

And I can't find it on playlist!

Jill said...

"All Night Long" by Joe Walsh