Monday, October 26, 2009

Forgot to take pictures...can you believe that?

We had a wonderful time at Rob's new place yesterday. Talk about a little slice of heaven here on earth. The house is spacious and his roomie, Dave, is so funny and very talented to boot. The burgers were done to perfection and the day would have been complete without the corn snake they found in the garage just as I was walking in. What is it about snakes and their attraction to me, I ask you? Is this akin to people who don't like cats (all 3 of them in the universe)whom cats can not get enough of?

E got his test results today. All is clear except for something growing on his spine which is a spur which might have to be removed eventually. Tentative surgery date for the final removal of the cancer on his forehead is early Dec. He has to have an EKG prior to the surgery due to his heart condition but looks like all systems are a go.

So, til I have anything more to report...stay tuned and don't change that dial!


Pam in Moncton said...

Glad to know the tests went well and E has his surgery scheduled.

Jennifer said...

Wishing E the best on his upcoming surgery!