Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rusty Bellies for lunch!

We've been running like mad people lately trying to get our To Do list completed before our company arrives. Yesterday, after Weight Watchers weigh in for me (down another 2.2lbs...yeah!), E and I headed out to Landmark Nursery to pick up just four geraniums for the downside of the arbor gate. Three large and very colorful new plants for the lower garden, a new type of lavender and three pretty small plants for my planter in the front later, we headed back home. We NEVER just get what we need there...something always catches our eye and we feel obligated to take it home and plant it.

After unloading the plants and some groceries (for E a day without hitting at least one grocery store is like a day without sunshine), E suggested we celebrate our pension check in the bank a couple of days early and so off we went to lunch out. The humidity had dissipated a bit and there was a lovely breeze off the river so we decided on Rusty Bellies for lunch. This restaurant is located at the end of the Sponge Docks and is owned by the same family that owns the fish market next door. They catch most all of their own seafood and the shrimp boat, The Julia Anne, was docked next to the deck where we ate. Two pelicans and an assortment of gulls entertained us while we ate. Rusty Bellies has the very best onion straws I've even tasted so we started with an order of those...and it was our lucky day! Two fers on the margaritas. We split a Rusty Bellies Cob salad which also came sprinkled with onion straws and had the tastiest lightly fried shrimp parading across the top.

Today is yoga day and then I need to catch up on laundry, ironing and sorting clothes for the upcoming adventures with Anne, Clare and Janet. I want to get everything done I can so I can also squeeze in a fun Friday with the gang (and Thanks Becky dear for making our reservations). I too am only bringing one project to work on and one only...yeah, sure, right! lol

My friend, Jackie's mom passed away yesterday and my thoughts are with her and her family.

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