Friday, October 30, 2009

Off and running again or is that still?

Kristen has to have blood drawn this morning and might be a bit late to work so she asked me to start her class with the help of the Guidance Counselor. So, at 8:30 am I shall be the one saying, Please take your seats, sit down please, in your own chairs, don't write on your neighbor, your seat not the floor please...etc. to 20 second graders. All prayers gratefully accepted!

After she gets the kids in place and doing what they are suppose to do, I'll boogie out to finish the errands I did not complete yesterday: library, post office and bank. I need to pack up some scrap stuff. This evening I am heading up to Ruban Rouge for the Friday night crop with Becky, her friend Roni whom I haven't met yet, Jean and Diane. Our friend, Jackie, lost her mom a couple of days ago and will not be with us. You have been in my thoughts a lot Jackie!

Tomorrow is happy hair cut and color day. And boy! is it time. I need to find one more outfit for the trip and then I can pack early Sunday morning. Sweet E is holding down the fort while I cavort with some gal pals both on Anna Maria Island and at Disney World...will Mickey ever recover. As usual, our dear friend, Maria, assures us she has lots of bail money should the need arise.

I'm going to have to steal the witch's hat back from the Tiki god of beer so I have something to wear tomorrow night when E and I sit in the dark on the porch, yell in deep voices "Don't ring that bell" when kids come up to trick or treat and then throw candy at them...well, we don't really throw it or at least not hard.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Pam in Moncton said...

Love your approach to Halloween! Oh and I am sure Mickey has seen it all but perhaps we should warm him!

altar ego said...

Can't wait to see you!!!!!!! And what is that on E's face? LOL!!