Thursday, October 01, 2009

Our amazing weather continues

Last night we met friends at Miss Vickies for food and fun and I even had to wear a light hoodie. The sun set over the river was breathtaking, the reggae music lively and the beer cold...what more could we ask for. How about the camera I left on the dinning room table? lol

I've been scrapping like a mad woman lately. My desk is covered with remnants of several projects in the works and a layout or two. My challenge goes up today at ACOT and I'll be posting a new one or two at KnK as well.

Looking forward to the Nikki Silvis ghost book class on Sat. in Sarasota. Can't wait to see Becky again and hear all about her recent adventures in Tx. My friend, Janet M, had booked a spotfor the KnK sponsored event but a fall down her stairs has left her battered and bruised, so she is going to take a pass. We are still on for the International Arts Festival at the Ringling Museum with her and Bob and we are hoping she and E are all healed by then!

Book Club tonight and a party on Friday and then the class on Sat...I need a nap! lol

HOpe your day is a good one...Happy Oct. 1. It is time to put up our dancing ghosties and our pumpkin lights.

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