Friday, October 02, 2009

Mama Lena's Italian Restaurant

Either the day our pension checks are deposited in the bank or the day after, E and I have a tradition of taking ourselves out to lunch. We have amended this tradition a bit so now we go out to a new restaurant...either one new to the area like Mama Lena's or one that is new to us.

Mama Lena's opened up a month or so ago in Tarpon Spring's Historic District where all the wonderful antique stores are located. The building was formerly Greek Pizza which also had great food but has relocated in town. E an I are both spoiled and very picky about our Italian food. In St. Louis, we had easy access to some of the very best and most authentic Italian restaurants with a twenty minute or so drive to an area known as The Hill.

So, with that in mind, we have found only one other Italian restaurant around this part of Tampa that we really enjoyed, Casa Ludivico (sp?). Now we have found a second one at Mama Lena's.

I love the atmosphere which is casual Italian (Casa is more formal). The food is excellent and a true test of authenticity for us is toasted ravioli which was 'invented' in St. Louis. Mama Lena's gets a 7 which is way higher than any other we have tasted here before. The Stromboli got a 10!

We chatted with the General Manager, Lisa, who is such a sweetheart and she says good things are in the works for the restaurant. Lisa keeps the place running smoothly and is very attentive to the customers. We had a delightful waitress, Cassandra, whose lovely smile is only matched by her great service.

The prices are very reasonable and we had a great time! Thanks all


Whippet said...

Looks yummy - nice review!:-)

rebecca lucille said...

You need to make a list of all of the places we have to go together!!! I have to catch up!
Working in the yard today... updated the blog with some old news!! and some new!!