Monday, November 23, 2009

Breakfast is on the house...

and the cook was ME! Breakfast has long been one of my favorite meals of the day and, while E cooks a mean breakfast with his crepes, apple pancakes (a la mode) and his spicy breakfast casserole, he is not the only one who can put breakfast on the table. I am not a big sweets eater and I love a good breakfast like the ones we get at Tuela's on the Trail when we bike into town. It was overcast the other morning, so I decided to give Tuela a run for her money. And, while my 'trail potatoes' lacked that certain something that she has, they were still good: golden and crispy with sauteed onions and mushrooms and my four cheese omelet went down pretty smooth according to E. Now that is a compliment.

Life is picking up speed here. I have a play day (lunch out) with a couple of pals either tomorrow or Wed. with WW weigh in tomorrow am and yoga on Wed. morning. I need to get to Q's in Dunedin with the last smear of my favorite lipstick to get a match at their new store. I've had this tube so long, I can no longer read the 'flavor' on the bottom but, if anyone can match it, it is at Qs new store on Main!

E has his surgery on Dec 3 and I have Book Club that night if he is feeling ok. He is getting a skin graft after the extended removal of more melanoma off his forehead. We have to go about 45 min. from the house to St. Joseph's hospital for the out patient surgery and have to be there at 6:30 am. This procedure had to be coordinated with his heart dr., his regular dr. and the two dermo guys plus the anesthesiologist. Can't wait to see this bill...and praise the Lord for our medical insurance!

Dec. 5 is our Open House like the one we use to host in Ft. Myers. I am excited about this as it is a tradition we loved and have missed it since we moved. Dec. 12 is the Stocking Pals exchange at Linda's this year and the 19th. weekend is Thankmas with our family from Ft. Myers. and then Santa comes and let me tell you...Mrs. Santa has been very very busy lately.

Hope your Monday is a good one!


Amy said...

Jules you've made me crave a cheese omelet!! Yummy.

altar ego said...

Hey, check out the picture on my blog--I'll send you a copy if you want!

Deb said...

YUM!! Those potatoes look delicious! My grandmother's secret to fried potatoes was to fry them in bacon grease. Makes me want to make some now!

altar ego said...

Breakfast looks yummy, I'll pull up my chair!

Will be thinking of you and E next week when he goes for his graft--and here I thought I would be able to picture the hospital!

At least I CAN picture Q's, and will definitely be thinking of you making your color selection. The other Q-related cosmetic store had fabulous prices as well.

Janet M said...

I think you have been holding out on us Jules and you really can cook up a storm.